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By Gwendolyn Gayle

Main Characters: Elijah Barrus, Phillip Prank, Shannon Halloway

Supporting Characters: Christopher Barrio, Brian Sturges, Paul Recknan, Roddy Smith

They were rutting on the ground, next to the riverbank. This, to Elijah, was true sex; a nice, hard fuck, with no presumptions and no formality. He, the lord’s son, was eagerly thrusting into his lover of two years, a stable boy named Phillip Prank. Elijah had never had a better lover than Prank. Prank always let Elijah ram him hard, and he was always up for it. Prank always thrust his hips perfectly; he trembled perfectly beneath him; he even moaned perfectly. Everything about Prank turned Elijah on, and the same held true from Prank’s perspective.

“Oh – oh – Elijah – oh!” Prank panted out the words in a rising crescendo. Elijah knew he was on the verge of coming; he pumped Prank’s cock, pounding into him. He closed his eyes, tossing his braids and groaning as they came in the same moment. He fell on his lover, their heaving chests panting against each other.

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