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What Bait For What Fish

By Donald Hammond

Copyright 2011

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Cut a pattern in paper the size wanted and in shape like two fish joined in the middle of the back; then get an old India-rubber galosh and cut it out of that. Also cut out a thin piece of sheet-lead of the shape, but somewhat less in size than one-half of the pattern, and stitch the lead between the two sides of India-rubber; then, with a little melted gutta-percha* and a warm iron, cover over the stitches only, fix a treble hook to some gimp, draw it through from the tail to the head; also a double hook on the back, and another on the belly. When finished thus far, give the India-rubber one coat of white paint; when just dry, lay on some silver leaf, then one coat of thin varnish, to prevent the silver leaf from tarnishing; then paint the back of the fish a little darker, checker it, and finish from real fish. The lead inside causes the artificial fish to remain in any position you curve it for spinning; and the fish, being hollow, gives way to the hooks whenever struck by a pike or other fish.

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