What are readers saying on Smashwords about Kiwi in Cat City?

“Wonderful book for young adults and cat lovers in general. The details of this world are amazing. I found myself laughing aloud at the many witty sections and comical situations. If pixar is looking for their next animated feature hit, they should contact this author about an adaptation of this book.” Ed Drury (5 star review)

“Johnstone is a wonderful writer, able to weave a magical tale. She also has an excellent understanding of the behaviour of cats. Her pace and timing is perfect and despite this being a book made up largely of prose, Johnstone nonetheless manages to make it poetic throughout. Bravo on a superb book!” Donna Brown (5 star review)

“Yes, this is a children’s book, but don’t let that fool you into believing that it is any less entertaining for adults! I hung on every word of this fantastic little novel. Vickie has a terrific imagination and truly amazing talent in putting her vision into words.” Cassie (5 star review)

“This book is a pure delight.” Sue Palmer (5 star review)

“A visual story that takes the reader on a trip through Cat City with Amy, James and Kiwi.
A recommended read.” Jackie Williams (5 star review)

“This is one book that will hold the attention of the most fidgety child and captivate and entertain them. I was surprised to find myself not willing to put the book down. The mystery has been well designed and has enough twists to keep everyone guessing.” Ritesh Kala (5 star review)

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