“I read this to my 10-year-old twins and they loved it. They liked the way the children turned into cats and went into the cat world.”Anna Pescardot (5 star review)

“Johnstone knows what kids want! I am looking forward to sharing this with my daughter when she is a bit older. She loves cats and what better story than one where the kids in the book get to become kittens and go on an adventure in a cat city?” Nicole Storey (5 star review)

“Vickie makes what some folks might think is just a children’s story into a tale that is enjoyable for all ages.” Greta Burroughs (5 star review)

“Funny, mysterious and full of paws! Don’t forget to wash your whiskers!”

Helmy Kusuma (5 star review)

“The plot hooks you from the very start. Very enjoyable.” Annarita Guarnieri (5 star review)

“Kiwi in Cat City is a great start in what appears to be a promised series of adventures for those who love books – human beings of all ages!” Grady Harp (5 star review)

“Who hasn’t wondered where their cat goes all night? I would love to read more from this author as she is quite simply amazing!” Wistfulskimmie (5 star review)

“I enjoyed being with Amy and James...when they turned into cats themselves I was 10 again!

As a Primary school teacher, I would read it to my class.” Gema Newby (5 star review)

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