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Messages from the Borderlands: My Wisdom

Copyright 2011 by Angela Baker

Published by Adventure Alley Publishing at Smashwords

My Wisdom

I ache as I retell this now, but the infatuation began innocently enough. One day he just walked into the room. To me, it seemed as though our lost sunset had returned. His hair was burnished with gold, and the remains of the day shimmered briefly in the lenses of his goggles. I sharpened my vision to verify I wasn’t daydreaming, because we can’t see the sunlight anymore. In fact, our weather is the same dustbowl day after day ever since the bad ones sucked the life from this world. I wandered if this vision or dream was the first bright sign that I may survive this dead world after all.

Who is this striking man? The thought was surprising because I had survived the Wastelands without the care of men, women or anything in between. I had no care for anything but survival. Getting food and water in a dying world is hard enough without having to worry about that. Besides, that is usually taken not given these days. I still wonder how at a time when I had trouble even looking up from the floor at another human, why I wasn’t cautious during that particular moment. I guess I never saw it coming.

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