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The Joy of Google

Lawrence Krauser

Copyright 2011 Lawrence Krauser

Smashwords Edition

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Almost unimaginably long ago, in June 2008, I happened to Google the phrase the american dream is the human dream. Zero exact matches were returned—which at first struck me as odd. After all, it’s a common idea, and during that heady, politicized spring, it was heartily, haughtily, in the air.

But of course, there are countless ways to say the things we say.

Two months later, in late August, I searched the phrase again. This time there were two matches:

The American Dream is the human dream of peace, prosperity, and the pursuit of happiness


The American Dream is the human dream intended for all, lets work together to allow other people to dream.

While it might be interesting to learn precisely when and why those seven words, in that order, entered cyberspace just when they did, I became curious about something else: the quiet but palpable sense of connection I felt when those two hits were returned. The very essence of Googling, to be sure; but, like the pleasure of breathing, easily taken for granted.

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