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The Powerdrunk Rulers

The PR Plan to Abolish America and Earth

The Great War

Militarize Us All

Torture Hawks

Iran Accuses; North America Incorporated Denies

The Shape Of Tomorrow: Deadline Iraq

Going to Meet the President

Out of the Bunker in Iraq

Stan D. Garde – Media Master

The Killing of Private Aaron

Queen of Sheba

A Practical Policy


Fok Killing

I changed oil for one year during school. Then I needed upward mobility. There were some cars I could have stolen for the parts. I knew where to take them. There were drugs I could have tried to move, but for that I didn’t really have the connections, wasn’t what you would call middle class, so I could not exactly get on the lucrative end of that trade. You want to make money off drugs you got to have class and move among those people. My mother taught me that. I think she saw drugs as her chance at upward mobility but drugs for some people means your mobility has tapped out. And since I saw myself as just getting started, I joined the Army.

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