The Space Show

October 30, 2009

Having read his story, I strongly recommend it because John Hornung was among those pioneers that wrote the book on building, designing, testing, and developing rockets and human spaceflight. His memoir is an important treasure of information that would serve us all well to know, understand, and remember. Dr. David Livingston, host of The Space Show, broadcast 1248 (Special Edition), aired on October 30th, 2009.

Chesapeake Style Magazine

October 2011

(John’s) delightfully entertaining memoirs of his association with the NASA space program have something for every level of reader. The graphics and NASA photos of the vehicles associated with the space launching vehicles are a treasure. This look at his first career as a space scientist is exciting and inspiring, sprinkled with hilarious moments of fun. Jean C. Keating – National Award Winning Author.

Chapter 2 - ABANDON SHIP!

Chapter 2 is also sold as an independent book which is five star rated.

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Chapter One - The Silent Aftermath

Was I Raised a Poor White Child?

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