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Plot Isn’t Just a Four-Letter Word


Sharon Skinner

Plot. What is it? Roget’s Thesaurus gives the following list of possible replacements for plot: plan, scheme, conspire, design, contrive, connive, stratagem, chart, map, diagram, outline, scenario, story, narrative, story line, action, area, and piece. Add to this the lengthy list of substitutes provided by Rodale’s Synonym Finder for this simple four-letter word and we can include: frame, compose, chain of events or incidents, intrigue layout, blueprint, skeleton, and form to the above without exhausting the catalog of potential plot alternates.

Yet, synonyms don’t really define a word; they only give possibilities for replacements, which aren’t always the best determinant of the meaning of the original word. For a true meaning of a word, it is best to go to the definitive source for such things, a dictionary. The website,, defines plot as a noun that means:


a. A small piece of ground, generally used for a specific purpose: a garden plot.

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