James D. Macdonald & Debra Doyle

The supercharged Dusenberg landed in front of the house just as Jimmy Moskovitz was on his way to work. Dutch Schultz and Mad Dog Coll stepped out.

"Get in the car, Jimmy," the Dutchman said. "You're going for a ride."

Coll held open the Doozie's front door. Jimmy Moskovitz slid inside and glanced to his left. The man behind the wheel was Killer Burke.

Coll and Schultz got into the back seat, and Burke put the car in motion.

"I've been expecting something like this for quite a while," said Moskovitz. "But aren't you guys mixing up your periods a little? Fred Burke came before Vincent Coll and Arthur Fleigenheimer had their feud."

"This is the way the boss likes it, and I like what the boss likes, so shut up," Dutch explained.

"Come on, Schultz," Jimmy said. "The real Dutchman never had a boss. He's turning over in his grave to hear you talk like that."

Silence was the only reply from the back of the car. The driver turned south onto the Detroit/Indianapolis flyway and picked up speed to join the pattern.

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