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In the end, Jenneva manages to use the Origin Scroll to banish Sarac, the evil sorcerer, into another Universe, while Alex, with the help of Oscar’s vast fortune, marshals the forces of the Red Swords to vanquish the goblin army.

At the beginning of The Dark Quest, Mordac, Sarac’s assistant, has spent two years trying to find the knowledge to bring his banished Master back home.

Chapter 1


The word went out quietly, furtively, across the continent. The God of Magic would return! The God of Magic had sent his Word and his Disciple to give power to the Black Devils, the power that would enable them to bring their god to life. Pilgrimages had begun from the farthest reaches of Lanoir to the cold desolation of the Disputed Area. Thousands of Black Devils were leaving their towns and villages and heading for a session with the Disciple. When the moon was full the meeting would commence and the Disciple would deliver his instructions. Soon the world would be set right and the God of Magic would reign forever.

Dalgar was excited. Finally, things would be as they should have been. Had the Black Devils not been lax, the god would not have abandoned them. Now they were being given a second chance and he was not going to disappoint the god again. Dalgar was prepared to give his life for the return of the God of Magic and he knew the other Black Devils would as well. Soon now, the entire world would be under the power of the God of Magic. The great Disciple, Mordac, had said so.

Dalgar saw streams of men and women approaching the knoll where Mordac would speak. He pushed his way to the very front of the assembling crowd and settled his long, lanky frame on a small section of grass. He removed a purple ribbon from his sack and tied his long, black hair behind his head. The short young woman next to him was flexing her legs as if she had been in the same position for some time. She had beautiful long, flowing, auburn hair that complemented her pale skin. Dalgar offered her an apple from his sack. “I guess you’ve been here quite a while.”

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