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The Lost Memory

A Short Story by John Krissilas

Cover Illustration by Genesis Ocampo

The Lost Memory

In the future... memories and thoughts are stored on devices strapped to our arms, freeing our minds from the need to remember. This seemed like the perfect kind of future for Jason, a father who prides himself on the size of his family photo and video collection. But when Jason encounters a figure who strikes a chord in the deepest recesses of his heart, he comes to the realization that he would give it all up in order to find his “Lost Memory”.

© Copyright 2011, JOHN KRISSILAS / Smashwords Edition

“Lily! What have you done?!”

Jason stared at his computer monitor in disbelief. A horrible, sinking feeling entered his stomach, slowly making its way up to his chest. Breathing became harder as his eyes scanned through the folders on his hard drive. Everything was gone. Everything. His initial shock began to transform into an uncontrollable anger.

“Sorry, Daddy,” squeaked a tiny voice from the doorway. Two magnificent blue eyes—both filling with tears—peered into the room, before quickly disappearing from view. Little Lily knew she had done something very bad.

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