A Sticky Situation

Jamie Turner

Copyright 2011 Jamie Turner

Smashwords Edition

A Sticky Situation

Tommy picked up the white bottle. His eyes were aglow, a jewel thief who had just been given the hope diamond. He squeezed way too much onto the blue construction paper and spread it around with his finger.


What was it with kids and glue? Amongst coloured pencils, Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaner and glitter paint, glue stood out in the craft box like a beacon in the night.

What was its addictive appeal? I just didn’t get it.

I had stopped cleaning the dishes and turned to watch my four year old in action…or should I say in obsession. He had coated the whole paper till it glistened with a slippery coat of white, then stared at it almost proudly as if the quantity of glue reflected some sort of prosperity on his part. Grabbing another stack of paper, he started to cut out squares; he folded them in half and proceeded to place them across the sticky surface.

Did he find glue mysterious? The way it held things together, kept things in place. Was glue some sort of magic to him? I giggled. Kids, what crazy imaginations they have. I turned away; back toward the sink…then did a double take back to my son.

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