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Teddy's Family,

Now In Its Sixth Season!


Steven D. Bennett


Smashwords Edition


Copyright © 2011 by Steven D. Bennett



"A little darker under the eyes. We have to make him look older, at least twenty. You know the premise; he's on the boat and staring at the girls in the bikinis and hits his head on the mast and falls overboard and dreams what he will look like as he gets older. Twenties to forties to sixties to eighties and then back to the original. But we've gotta get this going: we need to be on the set in fifteen minutes and the whole sequence--sans boat--is getting shot today.

"Teddy, want to go over your lines? You fine, kid? Okay, okay, you're looking good, everybody's looking good. How are you doing? Who is this guy?"

Gus extended his hand wearily. "Gus Rogers, Daily Post."

"Rogers, Rogers. Don't seem to know you. Have we met before? Whaddya doing here? Somebody get security!"

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