Hucow Dairy Farm 1

Finding the Herd

by Ariel Lenov

Copyright 2015 Ariel Lenov
Thirteenth Line Publications

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The sound of the tire rubber swatting against the wheel well slowed as I pulled the car over onto the shoulder. As soon as we rolled to a stop I looked over at Mandy. She sighed, her big breasts heaving up and down in the tank top she was wearing. I looked through the windshield again and felt a swell of rage come over me.

"Damn it!" My voice filled the cabin of the car and I felt Mandy jump beside me. "I knew I should have bought new tires today. You're not supposed to drive a spare that long..." I felt the warmth of Mandy's gaze and turned to look at her. Her big brown eyes were filled with tears that were flowing down onto her cheeks and messing up her mascara. I immediately felt bad for yelling. She hated it when I yelled. I wrapped my arm around her neck and brought her in close to me, sneaking a glimpse down her top as I did.

"Aw, Mandy, I'm sorry I yelled."

"It's okay," she whimpered, "I just...I just don't..."

"...don't like it when I yell, I know." I interrupted. I'd heard it a million times, if not more. I glanced down at her luscious breasts again and my hand drifted up and around one of them. She looked up at me.

"Would that, would that make you feel better?" she asked, the innocence on her face almost unbelievable. She wasn't smart, but she sure as hell was intuitive.

"I don't know, maybe..." I trailed off looking out the window. It hadn't taken me long after we'd been married to figure out what pushed her buttons. Now it was pretty much a sure thing every time. I heard her lips turn into a coy smile as her hand drifted onto my jeans and started toying with my belt buckle. "I don't know Mandy..." This was the only part where I had to be careful of what I said. She didn't seem to mind.

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