Bad Karma
Group C Vendor Edition
Copyright 2015 Natasha Koshkov
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1: Photographs and Memories

They’d all been bitches. Every one of them had broken up with him for stupid reasons. The only thing that all his girlfriends had in common was that they’d called him an asshole. That was ridiculous of course, he was just fine. Their accusations of him being shallow, mean, all garbage. Fat Annie had accused him of being cruel about her weight. It hadn’t been cruelty though, he’d just wanted to help her see that she needed to diet. He’d been perfectly tactful. Betty had accused him of fetishising her for her race. That was rubbish too, she hadn’t lived up to his expectations of a meek Asian girlfriend at all with all her accusations of him stereotyping her. At least Brianna had been dumb and content, all he’d needed to worry about was keeping her amused. Being around her had been nice, he always felt smart hanging out with somebody so hopelessly unintellectual. The woman could barely spell her own name right. They’d ended up splitting when Paul’s eyes had wandered onto a more pleasant specimen of womanhood. He hadn’t cheated per se, he’d just being dating two of them at once. It wasn’t his fault that he had enough love in his heart to romance two women simultaneously. If anything it proved that he was a sentimental guy. Sadly, the women hadn’t seen it that way.

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