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Tears of a Green Eye Angel
Smashwords edition
copyright 2011 Timothy House
a story by Timothy House

Willis stood eagerly awaiting his flight at YYZ in Toronto. He was a historian and passionate about the American civil war. His family had roots there. His wife and daughter would be joining him in a week before going to Florida for a vacation.

Willis was about to live a life-long dream coming to Gettysburg seeing the place of Lincoln's speech and researching his family's history. They came from slaves in South Carolina and escaped to freedom in Canada. Benjamin Perkins returned to Gettysburg, joined the union army, and was killed in battle though they were not sure where. This was one of the things Willis was researching.

The flight left and he landed in Harrisburg, he quickly rented a car, and drove to Gettysburg to check-in to his hotel. After a call to his wife he decided to sample the ales at the Appalachian Brewing Company then walked back to the hotel to get some sleep.

As he tried to close his eyes an apparition appeared in glowing white as the light faded she turned into a woman in a nineteenth century dress and hat.

"Hello Willis, it is good to meet you. I am Virginia Perkins," she said.

"That booze must have been stronger than I thought," Willis said.

"Yes, yes, very funny you have a bit of Benjamin in you," she said.

"Benjamin Perkins? What the hell, this is a bad bad dream," Willis said.

"It's no dream, I assure you!" She replied

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