The Other Side of The Tracks
Group C Vendor Edition
Copyright 2015 Natasha Koshkov
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1: The Heat of The Moment

Brett’s fingers carelessly trailed over the lips of the young woman’s sex. The pallid tone of his digits stood in stark contrast to the tarry blackness of her skin. She was from a bad neighbourhood, somewhere south of the arterial highway that bisected their city. The kind of girl Brett would never have dreamed of been with, but his friends had insisted. What better gift to get a young man for his birthday than a willing woman to wet his dick? The howling pack of young adults that he called friends certainly thought it was appropriate. At first Brett had made token objections, but he soon let his arguments drop. There was something about the black girl’s posture, the shared knowledge that she’d do anything he demanded of her, that turned him on. She was voluptuous in a way that few of the girls from where he’d grown up had ever been. Not fat, but well-built. Nothing like the anorexic waifs he was used to seeing flitting about his usual haunts.

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