Please note that bonus material in the form of an excerpt from THE PACT (Book 2 in the Wilson Doherty Gatekeepers Series) appears at the end of this book. That bonus material will make this book appear several pages longer than it actually is. Bear that in mind as you approach the end and are anxiously trying to judge how much story is left!

The Summoning

Book 1 of The Gatekeepers Series


The Guardian could feel them. Yes, he was sure of it now. They were coming closer.

He closed his eyes and focused his mind, directing his thoughts. He could almost hear each one of them – their under-the-breath cursing, the murmured worries and wondering. The sighs and whispers in their dark hours as they fought the pull that they didn't quite understand. Couldn't yet understand.

But soon they would.

These chosen few were almost ready. And they were almost here.

The ancient church was dark. No matter. He was used to the dark.

Slowly, the old man walked the length of this sanctuary. This church – his church – was not the oldest of these hallowed grounds his kind kept. Not be a long measure. But it was among the oldest in North America. Certainly the oldest in this small corner of the world. It hunkered on the outskirts of Chthonic City, barely within the municipal limits, on an all-but-forgotten road. Which seemed appropriate, in a city that had long forgotten the origin of its own name. But the Guardian remembered. The Chthonic – the Underworld. He felt its evil pulse beneath his very feet.

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