This is an adult only romance, not a Christian romance.

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Chapter 1

As she was sitting at her kitchen table grading papers, Amanda heard the tune that signaled she had a text message. Picking up her phone, she quickly glanced at the readout. The number was unfamiliar. She clicked on the message to read it. “Stephanie gave me your number. She said you might be interested in texting with a lonely farmer.”

Amanda read the message again, and a slow smile spread across her face. Stephanie had told her that there was a man in her church that she thought would be perfect for her. This must be him. She quickly keyed in a reply. “I think I would be interested in texting a lonely farmer, but only if you tell me your name.”

Stephanie had been her roommate at the small Christian college she attended. After graduation, Stephanie had moved to Wisconsin, with her preacher husband, Bob, to plant a church. They now had four children, two boys and two girls.

Jason was surprised at how quickly he got the alert signaling he’d received a reply text. He picked up his phone holding his breath. Would she be interested? He tapped the phone and the message appeared. His face lit up with a grin. He tapped out a response and sent it on.

He had surprised himself by agreeing to text Amanda, his pastor’s wife’s friend. He lived in a sparsely populated area of Wisconsin, and just didn’t have time to go out and meet women. When Stephanie had suggested her friend might be interested in marriage, he took her number, but didn’t think he’d ever actually do anything with it. He’d gotten in early this evening, and as he’d sat on his couch, vegetating in front of the television, he’d thought about how nice it would be to not be alone anymore. So he’d dug the number out of his wallet and sent a text.

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