An Introduction of Sorts

A Polite Letter of Complaint



A Complicated Suicide

Pas de Deux

A Politician Tells the Truth Before Armageddon

Lux in Tenebris, Rendition #7,620


The Patchwork Girl

An Urgent Announcement

About the Author

An Introduction of Sorts

Hello. If you’re reading this, that means you took the time to download this ebook. Thank you! Whether you thought it looked interesting, or whether you simply thought “ooh, free book” and scooped it up without much thought beyond that, I’m grateful.

I named this collection of stories Cosmic Seasoning for a simple reason. All of the stories here contain science fiction elements, and I hope that the humor you find in some of them and the horror you find in others will add flavor to your day. Whether that flavor is a good or bad one is another matter entirely.

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