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By Nicely Naughty Girl

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Nicely Naughty Girl


WARNING: This story has adult content. The characters are adults who enjoy Daddy/girl role play. The author does NOT condone incest or pedophilia.


She awoke to an empty house. It wasn’t unusual for him to head for the office before waking her, but today felt different. Something was off. As she rolled out of bed, she noticed it. A beautifully wrapped package sat on the window seat. She quickly went to examine it and found a note tucked under the edge of the light pink ribbon.

“Good morning, babygirl. I want you wearing this when I get home this afternoon. Love, Daddy.”

Her hands trembled as she ripped open the gift and pushed the tissue paper aside. White lacey ruffles was all she saw. Gently she removed the bloomers, and set them aside so that she could get to the dress underneath. It was the same color pink as the bow with tiny white flowers and ruffled lace edges. She held it against her as she peered into the full length mirror in the corner. Now she understood why she needed bloomers. The dress barely reached the top of her thigh, and the lace edging didn’t help much. She would wear it with pride.

When she turned to put the dress back in the box, she noticed the ankle socks and white Mary Jane’s with little pink bows on the strap. Where had he found all of this? It wasn’t like he could go to the local department store and get little girl clothes in women’s sizes. She shrugged it off. She really didn’t need to know. He was her Daddy now and he would get her what she needed.

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