Patch Pirates

Cookie's Bad Day

Dean Derkson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Dean Derkson

Cookie could hear the wind blowing as he got up from his bunk to go make breakfast for the crew.

"Wow sounds like a rough day at sea. I'd better be careful, the deck will be slippery," said Cookie to himself.

Scurvy was on deck pumping the bilge.

Good morning Cookie,” said Scurvy.

"Good morning yoursel ... Whahhhhh splat," said Cookie.

"Are you OK, Cookie?" said Scurvy.

"I think I just bruised my pride," said Cookie.

"You know you really have to watch your step when the deck is wet. You could slip and end up in the drink," said Scurvy.

"I'll try to be careful," said Cookie.

Cookie got to the galley and started making ham and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

"Now let's see: did I leave the white pepper in this cupboard?"

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