Weight Control On Tap.

For Women.

Part of the ‘On Tap’ Series of Books

About the On Tap Series of Books

The On Tap series of books are designed to be concise, light and easy to read, making them ideal for screen readers and computer screens! Our books do not include any unnecessary text such as endless testimonials or repeated examples and are deliberately designed to be small; containing all the information you need in about a hundred pages or so. Each book is packed full of useful information and self improvement techniques, being designed in such a way that simply reading them will promote a change in your being, your lifestyle and your mental well being.

That’s because our writing team consists of expert practitioners, skilled in many complimentary therapies. As a team they skillfully craft each sentence into a positive affirmation designed to reinforce your desire to make positive changes in your life and take the next step to do so. After all desire is nothing without Action!

For those of you that may feel the desire but not have the will or the resolve to do the action we’ve crafted a wonderful EFT tapping exercise that will change that. Simply skip ahead to Chapter 10 for the exercise.

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