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Patch Pirates


Dean Derkson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Dean Derkson

It was breakfast time and Cookie was making ham, eggs, and hash-browns for the crew.

"Thanks Cookie, I love a hearty breakfast," said the Captain.

"I second that," said Pegleg.

Crow came to breakfast late.

"Oh good ham, eggs, and hash-browns. I love ham, eggs, and hash-browns," he said. "Please pass the ketchup."

"Sorry, Crow there isn't any. We ran out of ketchup yesterday," said Cookie.

Crow looked at his plate and a tear rolled down his cheek.

"AAAARRRRGH, I'm sorry. I'm too upset. I can't eat. I'll just have coffee," said Crow.

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"Captain, we are running out of a lot of things. Is there any place nearby we can stop and get some supplies?" Cookie said.

"I'll check the charts," said the Captain.

First Mate Jack looked over the Captain's shoulder, "Any good place to grocery shop near here?"

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