Last Train Out

William Arthur Holmes

Copyright © 2015 William Arthur Holmes

All rights reserved.

For Tara and Elizabeth

Author’s Note

The following is very loosely based on our own adoption experience, with a “what if” look at a possible “homeland tour.” This is just me facing my greatest fears, worrying about everything that could possibly go wrong with such a trip. Let’s hope it’s not a self-fulfilling prophecy!


Fifteen years ago

Zenya was just two and still at the orphanage in Astrakhan, Russia when two very strange people came to visit. They talked funny, she thought, as if almost able to speak properly, but only a few words, and with such horrible accents it was difficult to understand them. She assumed they were stupid; glupy, in Russian. But they were there to see her — just her! — so she let it go.

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