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Tangled Book 1

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Tangled Book 1

Her forehead landed with a soft thud against the wall. Lauryn stood this way, with her phone clutched in her hand, pressed to her ear, for a few more seconds before righting herself and walking into the banquet room to find the head half-wit in the tuxedo shirt and apron.

"Jennifer," she called out in a calm, sweet voice that gave away nothing of the frustration and impatience that bubbled beneath the surface. "I just hung up from talking with Marquez, your boss, and he assured me that you are to handle clean up as well as serving and just to be on the safe side I am having a copy of the contract brought over, with the specific section highlighted, that way you and I and the rest of your crew are all up to speed with the same information. Okay?" Without waiting for an answer Lauryn pressed on, "And clean up does not begin until the last guest leaves or 1 a.m., whichever comes first."

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