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RELAX, It's Good For You

A Practical Guide for an Uptight World

by Ed Bernd Jr.

Smashwords edition Copyright 2009 by Ed Bernd Jr.

ISBN: 9781102468127

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RELAX, It's Good For You

Don't let stress become distress and ruin your life. Tension can hurt your health, hamper your relationships, curtail your ability to concentrate and learn, lower your productivity and creativity and problem solving ability, and undermine your self-confidence and happiness.

"Relax is a simple word composed of only five letters. Assembling them into something more than a fond but unrealized ideal, however, is a task some of us find to be insurmountable. For me it has become far easier. I hope that you, too, can discover the real meaning of those five simple but important letters."

- From the Foreword by Hubert Griggs

Ed Bernd Jr. first started teaching the Silva Mind Control Method in 1977, and continues to promote and teach Jose Silva's last course, the Silva UltraMind ESP System. Ed is no stranger to stress, mental or physical: An award winning police reporter on metropolitan daily newspapers for ten years, he has lived with stress in all its forms; as a polio survivor at age five, who learned to walk again, he knows about physical stress, too.

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