By Aaron Majewski

Copyright 2010

Smashwords edition 2011

Prologue- At the beginning of the end

The full yellow moon, occluded occasionally by dark scudding clouds, shone beatifically down on the Florida Everglades; silent witness to the night-time proceedings. Soft sounds caressed the crisp October air, crickets chirruped, frogs croaked, slithering reptiles and small night animals rustled the grass and the branches of the forest. All was still, peaceful, unintruded upon by the evils of man.

'Let me tell you about the time, I almost died.'

Bitch!” A hard slap, a woman's cry of pain.

The glade was softly lit by the warm pale moonlight, giving the short grass a golden tinge, and by the pair of hand held floodlights which had been set upon the soil. Half of the glade is firm ground, easy to walk upon; game trails led off into the enveloping darkness of the Everglades, calling for the unwary to follow them. The other half of the glade was a large mire of deep, slurping quicksand, calling for the unwary to fall into it.

A sigh. 'How did I get here? honestly, Im asking. Because Im not quite sure. I mean, my life was all in order, I was cruising, cool and easy. I had a good job with great pay, coworkers I liked and management who realized my worth, respected me and rewarded me with regular promotions and raises. A job where I could make a difference. '

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