Turquoise Truck

By Alex Kudera

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Turquoise Truck

Today, we’re gonna fight back. Today we’re gonna be on our guard. Joe and Barry, you guard the front entrance. Rizzo and Daryl, you get the back. Marky, take the side door and don’t let me see you smokin’ out there. Smokin’s for losers and today we’re gonna win. Today is the day when nobody gets out alive. Today is the day we don’t take prisoners. Don’t let me catch you handing out polite smiles and business cards. We do deliveries only. You breathe, you ride. I see one of you scumbags let down your guard, and the whole team collapses. Capiche? Today, we stand guard, we wait, and when they come, and believe me when I say they’re gonna come, we sell cars.”

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