The Switch
Group C Vendor Edition
Copyright 2015 Natasha Koshkov
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1: Taking Care of Business

The office intern cowered at Chad’s outpouring of anger. He’d made sure to do this in the most public place possible so all of his co-workers could appreciate just how incompetent the fresh-faced college student really was. Chad had started by telling him how disappointed he was in the quality of the help coming from the college. He’d watched the young man’s expression sink into despair as he told him what he thought of his performance, as he subtly but repeatedly told him he had no place in this business, that he’d never amount to anything if he stuck with this industry. Telling him about the scathing review he was going to put on the young man’s reference had been the coup de grâce. The intern’s face had twitched, but of course he didn’t have the balls to stand up to his boss. The quickly hidden anguish on the youngster’s features was the kind of thing Chad lived for. The ultimate affirmation that he had all the power here and these boot licking office drones had to kowtow to him if they valued their futures.

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