Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Business and Midwifery

Chapter 2: Education Priority Check

Chapter 3: Mollie and Mary

Chapter 4: One Birth, One Woman at a Time

Chapter 5: The Battle Is in the Mind

Chapter 6: Jan Tritten

Business and Midwifery

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Editor's note: This editorial first appeared in Midwifery Today Issue 79, Spring 2006.

Business is second nature to me; I really enjoy it. I have been making lemonade for 32 years now and have always known that if I wanted to be rich I could have franchised my successful lemonade stand, Family Homesteader. The calling of midwifery got in my way, though. It got lodged in my heart and I just had to follow that dream. We direct entry midwives do business by the very fact that we must. No hospitals or doctors have implored us to come to work. Seldom will anyone hire us, other than the moms who need our services!

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