Jamie Turner

Copyright 2011 Jamie Turner

Smashwords Edition


Hi, how do you do?

My name is Eric.

Most people think my name should start with a “B” or an “R” so that my name would be “Bobby the Bunny” or “Roy the Rabbit”.

But it doesn’t.

My name starts with an “E”. It’s Eric.

Most people think that I’m the Easter Bunny because I walk around with this basket of coloured eggs.

But I’m not. I’m a fireman.

Most people think I wouldn’t be able to climb the really long ladder or hold the heavy hose.

But I can. I’m really good at my job.

Most people think that all my friends are animals.

But they’re not.

My two best friends are little boys. Their names are Max and Charlie. They go to school and they are really, really smart.

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