A Prairie Home Apocalypse


What the Dog Saw

by Albert Berg

©2011 Albert Berg

All Rights Reserved

For Ashley,

who would still love me if I had never written a word.

They left the dog alone in the wind and the rain.

The dog did not like to be left alone. The dog liked it when there were people around. He barked at the people to come back but the people got in the ride-machine and drove away.

They did not pat the dog on the head before they left and the dog was hungry but the people had forgotten to put the food in his bowl. The dog stood by the gate for a long time hoping that the people would come back soon but the people did not come back so the dog went and hid under the shed where it was dry and the wind could not get him. The dog did not like the rain. The rain soaked into his fur and made him feel cold and wet so the dog stayed under the shed until the rain stopped.

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