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The Emperor’s Library

Book One

The Flight from Kar

Frederick Kirchhoff

Dron Press

Second Smashwords Edition, Revised

Copyright Frederick Kirchhoff, 2011, 2012, 2015

Cover Art and Maps Copyright Frederick Kirchhoff, 2011

All Rights Reserved

Author’s Note

The Flight from Kar is the first of the six books in The Emperor’s Library. Its sequel, The Tritargon, continues Book One. Book Three, The Game, takes place twenty years later. A fourth volume, The Clavis, treats occurrences one hundred years afterwards, while the fifth and sixth books, The Chronophage and The Guardians, unfold events fifty years after Book Four.

Chapter One

He shouldn’t have left without telling Alf, Jon told himself, but he’d wanted to make the ascent alone, for he intended to reach the very base of the White Wall while there was still plenty of daylight. Already he’d climbed further than he’d made it before—well into the maze of boulders that had fallen from the summit. Reaching an open space and pausing to look around, the awareness of altitude filled him with elation. It was almost as if he’d liberated himself from the valley. Above, a black-tail circled in great loops, while, below, some of the younger boys were playing fleers-and-catchers. He’d played that game more than once himself—quick on his feet, he’d often won—but now nothing down there meant anything.

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