Soccer Mom No More! A Sordid Tale of Betrayal and Lust

by Joe Brewster

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Joe Brewster

Revised 2014 Joe Brewster

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, brands, media, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.

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One bright summer morning Hannah Bradley stood at her kitchen window and took in the view.

Her eyes dwelt on the bare-chested, kick-ass-body of Derek, a 19-year-old hunk, as he pushed a lawn mower across her backyard grass.

Sweat and sunshine wet-gleamed on his deep tan. His gorgeous shoulders bulged and flexed. His lustrous skin displayed the graphic contours of his sculpted body.

He possessed the kind of ‘six-pack’ abs that gave Hannah fits—they had that deep-cut chiseled look Hannah so coveted in her men. She hadn’t seen abs like that in ages. They made her breath catch involuntarily.

Derek had just finished his first year of college. He started doing landscaping during summer break to earn some money. He was his own one-man landscaping crew.

Wearing nothing but shorts and unlaced Timberland™ work boots, he was Hannah’s one-man male-stripper revue. He served as her build-your-own-fantasy figure.

Hannah all but drooled over Derek’s tight and tanned not-quite-twenty-year-old body. Just a few years earlier he’d been a lanky teenage kid: tall, pale, and pimply. Back then Derek had been her son Joey’s best friend. ‘When did he turn into such a stud muffin?’ she wondered.

She’d give anything to pull down his flimsy-excuse-for-a-pair-of-shorts and get a closer view of that tight, dreamy, behind.

Hannah imagined that curvy, cream-colored bottom, contrasting with the deep-brown tan of his broad, tapering, back. She could sink her teeth into a tush like that. No problem at all. She’d emboss his sweet little beefcake butt with her perfect teeth-prints as a do-it-yourself personal cattle brand. No doubt about it.

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