Chapter 3. Things I'd like to tell My Mom by Amy Thompson

Chapter 4. A Heritage of Strength by Liz Stanley

Chapter 5. Just Married by Monica Bielanko

Chapter 6. More Than A Bad Hair Day by Heather Flett

Chapter 7. This Is The Way It Happened by Meagan Francis

Chapter 8. The Words I Said by Michelle Horton

Chapter 9. What Do You Say? By Brittany Gibbons

Chapter 10. Complicatedness by Catherine Connors

Chapter 11. Mom, a few things you should know by Heather Spohr

Chapter 12. Mending Fences by Amber Doty

Chapter 13. My Mother My Blog by Katie Allison Granju

Chapter 14. Ashes and Rebirth by Meg Keene

Chapter 15. Feeling My Way Back To You by Susan Petersen

Chapter 16. I Told Her He Wasn't Playing by Laura Mayes

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