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The Emperor’s Library

Book Two

The Tritargon

Frederick Kirchhoff

Dron Press

Second Smashwords Edition


Copyright Frederick Kirchhoff, 2011, 2016

Cover Art Copyright Frederick Kirchhoff, 2011

All Rights Reserved

Author’s Note

The Tritargon is the second book in The Emperor’s Library. It recounts events that immediately follow those in The Flight from Kar, the first book in the series, and presupposes readers familiar with that work. The third book, The Game, takes place roughly twenty years after books one and two. A fourth book, The Clavis, treats occurrences a century afterwards, while the fifth and sixth books, The Chronophage and The Guardians, take place fifty years later.

Chapter 1

Saash’s invitation had been an opening out of nowhere, but, in accepting it, Klei had only replied to what seemed an inescapable directive, for the Rand’s words resonated like a voice he’d heard all his life—although they were not, strictly speaking, a voice at all. Saash may have been taking him somewhere new, but Klei was certain it would turn out to be unexpectedly familiar. Yet this familiarity had its uncanny side. He’d noticed nothing unusual when he’d taken the Rand’s hand in greeting, yet now, when he grasped his arm, as they edged along a narrow ledge, or touched his chest to ask a question, his world changed in a manner it was difficult to describe. At first, Klei characterized the experience as a heightened connection to things, but then what he’d taken for a connection began pulling him to other places and other times. In Saash’s company, the sky radiated a brighter, more luminous blue, and distant objects appeared in sculptured detail. Yet, with this sharper vision came intimations of a reality beyond what the eye saw. The more beautiful the world became, the less its immediate presence mattered. Or so Klei told himself.

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