The Emperor’s Library

Book Three

The Game

Frederick Kirchhoff

Dron Press

Second Smashwords Edition

Copyright Frederick Kirchhoff, 2011, 2016

Cover Art and Maps Copyright Frederick Kirchhoff, 2011

All Rights Reserved

Author’s Note

The Game is the third book in The Emperor’s Library. It recounts events that occur roughly twenty years after those in Book One, The Flight from Kar, and Book Two, The Tritargon. The fourth book in the series, The Clavis, treats occurrences one hundred years later; the fifth and sixth books, The Chronophage and The Guardians take place fifty years after The Clavis.

Chapter 1

A shaft of sunlight through the open door created a yellow trapezoid on the floor at Jon’s feet. It seemed perfectly still, but he knew that it would make its way across the stones and eventually disappear amidst the jumble of mismatched chairs piled up against the far wall. If he watched the patch of light intently, would he be able to observe it moving? But the particles of dust dancing in the sunlight soon drew Jon’s mind beyond even so minimal a question. He had work to do—there was always some task at hand—although wasn’t idleness as good a use for the afternoon as any? Doing nothing, thinking nothing. His life had come to little else, so why not enjoy it? But then a shadow crossed the floor. Looking up, Jon saw Dan standing in the doorway with a stupid grin on his face. Shit, he’s back again, Jon thought. But, even as he imagined those unspoken words, Jon knew that what really annoyed him was less Dan’s reappearance than his own pleasure at seeing him. After weeks of solitude, he needed someone to talk to—but why did it always have to be Dan?

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