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What Others are Saying About Monoculture: How One Story is Changing Everything

Winner of the 2011 George Orwell Award for outstanding contributions to the critical analysis of public discourse.

One of The Atlantic's Top 11 Psychology Books of 2011.

“I found myself reading non-stop, underlining like crazy…an astute explanation about what I’ve been feeling recently, something I couldn’t put my finger on. [Michaels] writes in clear, energetic prose that’s thoughtful, engaging and unforced. She defines and analyzes without judgment or insistence…a breath of fresh air…” - NPR Ohio

“…a singularly brilliant and accessible analysis of some of the fundamental assumptions and driving principles of our time.” - Comment Magazine  

“Neither a dreary observation of all the ways in which our economic monoculture has thwarted our ability to live life fully and authentically nor a blindly optimistic sticking-it-to-the-man kumbaya, Michaels offers a smart and realistic guide to first recognizing the monoculture and the challenges of transcending its limitations, then considering ways in which we, as sentient and autonomous individuals, can move past its confines to live a more authentic life within a broader spectrum of human values.” - The Atlantic

“5 stars: The cause and effect of our world is more surprising than you’d think. With intriguing notions about the driving ideas of stories in every shape of our life, “Monoculture” is an incredibly fascinating way about how the mind works and today’s consumer culture.” - Midwest Book Review

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