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A Story of Sex, Drugs, and Grunge Rock

Sex, drugs and Grunge Rock; for six young hipsters in the college town of Sainte Anne’s in the early 1990’s that’s about all they need, besides coffee and cigarettes. But their simple tastes lead to complications: life happens while they’re not paying attention.

A series of crises is set off for singer/songwriter Will Baker when he is betrayed by the girl he loves and his best friend; he rushes headlong into a brief, tumultuous affair with the carefree, love-shy Sophie Rosaire and from her arms into a life of nihilistic thrillseeking, trying desperately to simply feel alive. Sophie, herself is discovering that her feelings keep getting in the way of her having a good time; recreational sex is losing its charm, yet she has no desire to settle down with anyone.

While she comes to grips with these new emotions, Sophie’s friend and Will’s band-mate Pascal Lebrun faces problems with his family, his abusive girlfriend and the complication of having been secretly in love with Sophie, for years. Pascal’s friend Brian Klein is a preppy player, image conscious and always looking to score. But behind his assertive, confident exterior, Brian is struggling with his newfound bisexuality and conflicting attractions for his sexy classmate, Tanya, and the older, seductive Alec.

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