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When the phone call came nothing had prepared Noor for it. Getting herself ready for bed was the only thought in mind. It was the end of Halloween Day 1997 and Boston at that time was past the comfortable weather in the evenings.

Picking up the telephone she was greeted by a panicked Truvy on the other end of the line.

“Please, please, please come get me. Noor, please come and get me. He is wild and drunk. He just pushed me against the wall and I was holding the baby and....”

As her voice trailed off while Noor half-suffocated by her anger tried to call out that she was on the way. Life prepared you for many things but this was not one of them. Having never experienced, as an adult, this fear and panic she heard in her friend, she said with quiet control, “I will be right there.”

As she hung up, she heard shouting but knew that if she lingered any longer here, she would not be there to assist. So, reason took over her scrambling heart and she got in her car and drove like the wind to reach the tormented woman.

Traffic at this time of night was light but children and parents were still mulling around, still stopping at homes and knocking for the last bit of candy offered or the last moment dump of the whole bowl into the pillowcase. Needing to be extra careful with her speed then, she crept on wheels with none of the noble and sublime patience which she did not possess anyway.

Her imagination recoiled at the reasons for that unexpected telephone call or the need for it. Truvy was not apt to theatrics. As she sped into the night then onto the highway, she managed a steady speed of seventy which was already too fast for the area. Nothing seemed as important as getting there to see what happened after she had dropped her friend off that night.

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