The water rushed beneath the bridge she stood on. It was a silent night except for the sound of rushing water over rocks. The moon hung over her, clouds treaded slowly across the moon. She looked up at the moon; it shined brightly providing light on the bridge she stood on. It was a beautiful night but she wasn’t there for sight-seeing. She checked her wristwatch; it was exactly midnight. She took a deep breath and slipped the watch off her wrist, slowly she placed it on the ground.

Suddenly the wind started roaring as if in protest of what she was about to do. She told herself quietly, she was not changing her mind. Despite the harsh wind whipping at her, she moved towards the rails, reaching it, she climbed over them. Now with nothing to protect her from the water below her, she grasped the rails and looked up at the sky as a tear slipped and fell into the water below.

“I’m sorry!”, she screamed as she released her grip on the rails.

Don’t do it”, a voice came from the right. Frightened she quickly grasped the rails again. She looked towards the voice to find a man walking towards her. He was outside the rails too, he had one hand on the rails and the other was stretched towards her.

Don’t do it” he repeated as he came to a stop. She wondered why this stranger was there. “It’s not your business”, she snapped at him.

It is my business”, he stated.

No it’s not; it’s mine, so just turn around and leave.”

Your life is not yours to take”, he said.

It is my life isn’t it?”

Eunice, I have great plans for you. Taking your life will shut off those plans from materializing”. Her eyes widened. How did he know her name?

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