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Smashwords Edition of What the Fuck is a Christian Anyway, by Naomi Kramer.

Published May 2011.

The Boring – aka 'Legal' - Stuff

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What the Fuck is a Christian Anyway?

Believe it or not, the title of this article isn't simply designed as a cheap thrill or marketing pizazz. The point isn't to be edgier or more vocal than the next person. It's there because it's meant to provoke and draw in a certain kind of person. The sort of person who will look at it and think, “what on earth is that about?” You, I hope.

It was inspired by all the non-Christians out there who, when they found out I was Christian, said, “But you swear and write rude books!” instead of, “So why do I never see you helping people in need?”

See, here's the thing. Being a Christian – in other words, believing that a bloke named Jesus (the Christ, or saviour) was the son of The-God-who-made-everything and came down from heaven, got himself born as a human, lived a much better life than anyone else was capable of, then died, willingly, to help us out of our living-like-crap rut – is very, very important to me. Yet, on all sides I see expectations of behaviour (in me, because I'm a Christian) that don't align at all with what I think the important aspects of Christianity actually are. It comes from Christians, from non-Christians, from those who aren't sure.

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