Free to Eat

A practical guide to reducing the symptoms of

histamine, sulphur, glutamate and salicylate sensitivity

By Janine Lattimore

Copyright 2015 Janine Lattimore

Distributed by Smashwords

Fifth Edition


How This Book Can Help You – Please read this first

There are some good books and resources available about what causes food intolerances, how to identify them, elimination diet protocols, food lists and recipe ideas. What I struggled to find was a book on how to get better. I didn’t want myself and my children to have to live on severely restricted diets, and I didn’t want to live my life in constant anxiety that I would inhale, touch or consume something that would cause my skin to erupt in painful, ugly spots, rashes and itching. To avoid all the things we reacted to we would have to live in a bubble surviving on a diet of lettuce, celery, boiled fresh meat, rice, pears and banana. I found information about treatments and remedies scattered across forums and blogs, but no book that put it all together in a practical way. So I wrote one.

Free to Eat outlines what I have found out by research and then trial and error to reduce the food intolerance symptoms caused by histamine, sulphur, glutamate and salicylate sensitivity in myself and my children. It is the ‘how to’ handbook I wish someone had given me after we had identified our food intolerances and chemical sensitivities. While I read scientifically researched information to identify treatments, this book simply outlines the remedies themselves that we, and fellow chemical intolerance sufferers, find effective. There are very few ‘why’ explanations, just the ‘what to do’ based on what experience has shown to be effective. I wanted to keep this book as basic to read as possible, because I myself found that some of the information available about these intolerances is very technical and sometimes all I wanted was a basic explanation of what I could do to manage our illness. Free to Eat is an easy to follow step by step plan to reducing your food intolerance reactions so that you can eat a wide variety of foods and live a relatively normal life.

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