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The Werewolf of Misty Valley

Excerpt from The Soul Hunters

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The Werewolf of Misty Valley


Chuck Davis and Danny Pickett were lost in the deep woods. A bright full moon shown down from a cloudless sky, but only a small amount of the light filtered through the tree tops to help light up the gloomy forest floor. The two men were trudging through the sparse underbrush trying to find their way back to the hiking trail.

Chuck and Danny, both in their early twenties, were avid hikers. They were experienced, but Misty Valley Trail was a new one for them and they lost their way when they came to what appeared to be a fork in the trail. They took the wrong fork, and by the time the trail was starting to peter out they realized their mistake.

To make matters worse, Danny fell in while crossing a stream. They crossed on several rocks in the stream, but Danny slipped and fell. He was unhurt, but lost some of the contents from his backpack that had scattered when he fell.

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