Sprouts Theory Evolving

Edited by

Cal Hudson

Unfeigned Coffee Fiend


© 2011 by World Game of Sprouts Association (www.wgosa.org)

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When the scurvy crew of the (now) ghost ship Unfeigned Coffee Fiend – of whom I count myself a mate – hoisted the skull and crossbones of publish-on-demand technology, I naturally tried to shanghai an old buddy. But my friend, the editor of www.wgosa.org, after our many degrees of separation, was wary of my glittering eye, pleading, as it were, a visitor from Porlock. He had long ago considered such a project, he told me, but issues of health, work, and bother had set him irrevocably on another bearing. Then he offered me the run of his own ship, the canvasses of which were beginning to look suspiciously sere, enjoining me merely to obtain permission from the individual artisans for the plunder, er, use, of their closely-fitted carpentry. Overjoyed at this bounty, I spent weeks strolling those still lovely decks, admiring and remembering. I am a past master of the game of sprouts. My friend’s generosity was in actuality appropriate. A not inconsiderable portion of the craftsmanship evident in that fine vessel had sprung into being from the supple embrace my own hands.

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