9 - Summary

10 - May 1916. Phoenix Squadron, Royal Flying Corps

11 - August 1917. Western Front, France

Notes on L/CPL. H. E. Rydon (By his son, Arthur Rydon)

L/Cpl. H. E. Rydon was born in London on 2nd November 1890, the only son of Londoner Arthur Hope Rydon and his Irish wife Jane Frances Rydon (nee Palles), of Warwick Square, Pimlico.

He was, I understand, baptized as a Roman Catholic (because his mother was an R.C.) but he was bought up as a member of the Church of England (because his father was C. of E.). He was christened Edwin Harold (in his birth certificate), but reversed the initials to ‘H.E.’ for the rest of his life.

His father, Arthur Hope Rydon, was a solicitor who practiced in London, before moving (after the death of his own father) to Sussex at the turn of the century, where he built a Tudor-style house at Scaynes Hill, near Haywards Heath, and became a ‘landed gentleman’.

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