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A brief word to the readers:

I originally wrote this piece back in 2006 to be included in an internal newsletter, published by some friends. The language was simple and relatively accessible because the newsletter itself was going to be in another language. I feel that, while not in keeping with my current mantra of writing, it is closer to my present writing style and should provide an insight into my way of writing. Enjoy!


Kevin Debler

Published by Kevin Debler at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Kevin Debler

I was sitting at the kitchen table, leaning on my arm while I slowly ate my breakfast. Brother walked in, grabbed a plate and then put some strips of bacon on his plate. He sat down across from me. That was when he noticed how tired I looked. He asked me what was wrong. I said that I hadn’t slept well because of a dream that I had. He asked me to describe it. So I told him my dream.

I told him, ‘It started in my bed. I awoke and saw a strange man sitting in a chair across from my bed. I sat up and got a better look at him: he was wearing grey business pants, a pale blue over-shirt, and a white t-shirt. His hair was short and spiky. What was most striking was a tattoo that he had; it was a red dragon that was on his face and seemed to stretch past his scalp and spread to his hands; somehow, I knew that it covered most of his body. He smiled at me; it made me very uncomfortable. He said, “I am Prometheus,” but I didn’t believe him. “Would you like to follow me?” he continued.

I said, “No.” and I got off the bed and ran from him. I was surrounded by shadows and darkness; it was suffocating. I found a wall and then a door. I looked back and saw that the man who called himself Prometheus was rising from his chair; he was still far away. I opened the door and entered a dark hallway. Aside from the floor, there was no light; only pure blackness everywhere. I walked at a pace, trying to avoid that man. When panic left me, a new fear grew. I felt insecure; I felt invaded; it was like I was being watched. I looked up and spaces within the darkness had been filled with countless pairs of unblinking eyes; they stared endlessly, probing every inch of me. That was when I ran.

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