100 Free Things to do in

----New York City---

While Avoiding Bums and Hipsters

---Succinct Summary---

Complimentary. On the house. Gratis. Free of charge. The following book contains a less than comprehensive list of what the city has to offer at no cost, just short of pulling up a park bench and making it your home. The list also avoids the spots that are overrun with people that are simply there for the sake of being seen at that place. Some items on the list are included since they are ‘free’ during certain hours during the week or where the price for admission is ‘suggested’. During these hours you can pay whatever you can afford, from nothing to the normal price.

Take what you can get, right?

Enjoy the city.

---Condensed Contents---

  1. Artful Architecture

  2. People Perusing

  3. Literary Liberation

  4. Outdoor Observing

  5. Examining Exhibits

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